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Model: MSE18  ,  Price: $15
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Sparkle Midnight Dark Blue Goldstone (it is almost black) - Magnetic back allows you to stick to your ear when you do not have pierced ears, or are allergic or infect easy from regular fashion earrings. Just place the style side on your ear lobe and the black magnet on the back of your ear. No one will know the difference. ( 3/8 inch, 10 mm, 1 cm ) Stud Earrings got Neodymium magnet in the back of the stone (same size of the stone but 1/16 inch thin) and magnetic solid hematite that goes in the back of the ear. Stone info: Tumbled Blue Goldstone - Blue Goldstone is a dark midnight blue color with beautiful flecks of copper suspended inside. This tumbled Blue Goldstone is a good deflector of unwanted energies, and is highly regarded in the spirit realm as a protection mineral. It is a nervous system stimulant and enhances transmission of healing energies from the hands, therefore it is applicable to long-distance healing. The sparkles of Blue Goldstone are symbolic of the light that can always be found in the darkness, and its resemblance to the night sky will remind you to reach for the stars. This Blue Goldstone can be used during Meditations, held in your client's hand during a session, or just to carry in your pocket. Midnight Blue Goldstone protects the psychic and empathic sensitivities. Is also effective in the transmission of healing energies from the Heart, Throat and Third Eye Chakras. While this is technically a man-made piece, it does contain copper, which in itself is extremely helpful in the areas of inflammation and increasing ones blood flow.